Friday, January 7, 2011

To The Doctor I Go

The contents of my fridge: cottage cheese, chocolate mousse, and matzoh ball soup.

homemade chicken soup (nom)


Because today I'm having oral surgery to remove the metal from my gum.  I'd be more excited if I were getting laughing gas - most fun experience at the dentist ever; thank you, Dr. Loewinger - but I'll be under IV sedation.  I'm actually kind of nervous.  Last time I was sedated for oral surgery was three years ago when a dumbass doctor left a piece of drill in my mouth while taking out my wisdom teeth, and I had a really nasty time coming out from under the anesthetic.

Jon's on nurse duty for the whole weekend.  (My hero!)  Wish him luck.  He probably needs it more than I do - I have a funny feeling that I'm going to be a very whiny patient.


  1. Gah! Good luck! Dental surgery is one of my biggest fears in life. Read Mighty Girl - she's blogging about her teeth, and maybe it will allay your fears with "it could be so much worse" ! Fingers crossed for you.

  2. PS my comment verification word was "sup was" HEH

  3. Good luck with the surgery!

  4. thank you! I'm actually not as bad as I thought I would be - but don't tell Jon, 'cause I'm milking this for all I can!


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