Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Laugh

Okay, I have something funny for this morning: this is my first full week of work since the week of 13 December 2010.

Ha!  Ha!  Ha.... oh, man, I might cry.

All jokes aside, actually, my last act at the office last week was configuring this Excel formula:

=IF(AND(R2="yes",L2<>"Have a Word"),M2-(0.05*M2))+IF(AND(R2="yes",L2="Have a Word"),M2-(0.1*M2))

I AM AN EXCEL GODDESS. Bow before me.


  1. I'm impressed!!

    Years ago work sent me to an advanced excel course and it was the WORST b/c afterwards everyone thought I'd be advanced at Excel. Which is the general idea, obviously, but it's not exactly how it worked out.

    They did have great biscuits are the course though.

  2. That looks like fun a fun formula...

  3. I know what you mean - my first thought when I was offered a training course for Raiser's Edge (a fundraising software) was, "Oh, crap, I'm going to be accountable now!"

    @kyle - thanks :)

  4. Betsy, what does that formula even MEAN or DO?! Help an excelidiot to understand.

  5. I second that emotion: does the formula have a professional purpose? Don't quite get the joke! RRH

  6. @Camilla and @Rebecca - the formula allows me to figure out how much gift aid we - my theatre - get to claim on each gift-aidable donation based on the donation/benefit ratio of the gift. Not funny - just very pretty!


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