Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tradition, Tradition

I started writing a really sappy post about traditions and family and Christmas, but it made even me throw up in my mouth a little bit and so I deleted it.

I do have lots of thoughts about traditions and family and Christmas, though, that mostly boil down to this:

I want some.

I want some traditions, I want some family, I want some Christmas.

I guess all of that takes time - it all grows organically.  (Especially for a nice Jewish girl like me.)

But, while I'm waiting for "organically" to happen, I'm taking tradition suggestions for the Christmas season.  So go ahead and leave me a post about your favorite family Christmas tradition, and then - hark! - maybe next year you will find that I have stolen it lovingly from you.  Unless it's creepy or weird, in which case it's all yours.  But if it's not creepy or weird, I might appropriate it.  I hope that's alright.

Okay, Jon says I don't need to steal your Christmas traditions from you because we've already started our own.  I don't know what he's talking about, but he insists that we do have traditions.  For instance, he declares:

We watch Love Actually and The Nightmare before Christmas.
We fight over what presents to give to whom.
We go ice skating at Somerset House.
We decorate a tree.

Ha!  I win.  This is all Jon can think of.  But when I cackle to him, he smiles at me and reaches for my hand and says, "We'll make our own traditions."

Damn.  We're back to the sappy.  Sorry, guys.


  1. *so cute*

    My only tradition is that I design my own Christmas cards every year. I love doing it, although I do sometimes go a bit overboard and end up gluing sequins to paper for like, weeks. But it's worth it.

    In Dublin, the tradition is to jump in the sea on Christmas Day to clear your head. I'm doing it this year just to say I did.

  2. Also, I just read this and thought you'd like to hear about other people's traditions - they are very sweet.

  3. aw yay thanks for passing this along!


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