Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merci / Danke / Gracias

You've been inundated this month with things that I love - I know.  Sorry.  But it's such a lovely and lovable season!  What other time of year gives you an excuse to buy two types of stationery?

Now, you epistolophobiacs (yes, that is a real word: it describes one who is afraid of writing letters) might have no idea what I'm talking about.  Two types of stationery?  Is this blogger mad?  No, my friends, I am not!  Because - behold - I have, in my sitting room, a stash of holiday cards and thank-you notes.

Therefore, as it is post-Christmas, you won't be surprised that this post is going to be all about... drumroll please... thank you notes!

Of course, you can craft gorgeous homemade thank-you cards, and if that's your cup of dee-eye-why tea then be my guest and ignore the rest of this post.  But if you like other people to dee-eye for you, then read on!

Sweet and simple wins the race with Daily Sip Studios' letterpress card.  Wait - did I mention it's letterpress?  Letterpress makes me swoon.

Luxury and multiculturalism are the names of this game - don't you have friends all over the world?  Smythson does, obvi.

A little over the top?  Maybe, but sometimes you just have to jump up and down and shout unintelligible gibberish and do a silly dance because you love your present so much - and when that happens, send one of these Sweet Harvey cards immediately!

This is perfect if you lack imagination - or if you have too much of it!  Either way, you can can have a (noun) with these fun mad lib thank-you cards from Earmark!  (I suggest that you keep the ones that you send to your grandparents G-rated...)

(Sidebar: you haven't received a Christmas card from me yet.  That's because I didn't get my act together before Christmas and so nothing has been sent out.  I'm doing New Year's cards instead - keep your eyes on your letterboxes!)


  1. Your choice of stationery is amazing, I must say.

  2. Thanks! I'm always on the lookout for more if you have any suggestions...


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