Wednesday, November 24, 2010

When Jetlag Strikes

I had thought I was very clever.

My flight left at 4:20pm GMT and arrived at 7pm EST.

I figured that if I slept for a few hours on the flight and then had a coffee and stayed awake as late as possible, I'd sleep to a normal (for the eastern seaboard of the US) time and be jet lag free.

Well, folks, it's 7am EST (12pm GMT) and I'm awake.

Look how well that worked.

Sunset from the plane en route to Washington, DC

The eastern seaboard of the USA!


  1. Nice photos. As one who knows jet lag well, just give in. Sometimes Melatonin works, but for the most part, I just sleep when I'm tired.

  2. This summer, we were up by 7am for the first three days when we went home. I was super productive, but then really mad when I wanted to go to sleep at 9pm instead of going out. Should be funny for us at Christmas.


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