Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quality Time

Jon and I have been experiencing quite a learning curve in regards to cohabitation - no surprise there!  I knew it would take time for each of us to learn how the other lives, his/her quirks and rituals and routines.  I knew, too, that the one of the biggest issues that couples struggle with is money.  But I thought that we'd see each other all the time - I wasn't expecting that we'd have to make time for ourselves.

What with our work schedules, our social commitments, and our extracurricular activities, Jon and I have been having a hard time finding the opportunity to have quality interactions.  I'll admit that, at the beginning, this was my fault: I just assumed that coming home to each other counted as being together.  Let me tell you: it doesn't.  We've been having to schedule time together, especially during the week, which is utterly unromantic but seems to be very necessary.

So we try to make the best of the rare days that we both have free (for the past six weeks or so this has been one Sunday every two weeks, yikes).  Today I ambled out to pick up The Sunday Times while Jon cooked us breakfast.  We're having a lovely relaxed afternoon at home and in a few hours will head out to the Thames Festival, a celebration of the changing seasons complete with food vendors, craft stalls, a parade, and fireworks.  Should be lots of fun!  It's a gorgeous early autumn day - the sun's out and it's warmish, and I'm sure the South Bank will be packed this evening.

September 2010, St. Paul's from Millenium Bridge

(On a side note, I love mingling with Londoners and thinking, "I am one of you."  It's very satisfying!)


  1. I totally know what you mean. I hate scheduling quality time, it is SO very unromantic. Weekends are our only time we get to turn off and just hang out -- our work hours are maddening!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Sean and I realized that quality time doesn't count as sitting side by side on our laptops.


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