Thursday, July 15, 2010

Le Quatorze Juillet

I had the most British of Bastille Days yesterday: I went for a pub lunch with some polo-playing English friends and ate a steak and ale pie while it rained.  Classic.

Last night I continued my introduction to theatre by seeing La Bête.  It's a West End show - that's London's version of Broadway, essentially - and so will be coming to the States soon.  Go see it, wherever you are!  It was fantastic.  It's a Molièresque comedy of words and wit written by American-born David Hirson set seventeenth century France about two rival playwrights, one an artiste (played by David Hyde Pierce) and the other a buffoon (played by Mark Rylance).  It's fast-paced - even the 35-minute monologue ten minutes into the play moves with spritely ease - and bitingly clever, and leaves you asking at the end of the play whom the real beast is, the auteur or the clown.

So I suppose my Bastille Day was not entirely English; it did also have a smattering of American and French in it.  How global of me!  But I will indulge in daydreams about trying every single flavor of Ladurée macaron...

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