Sunday, June 27, 2010

One Weekend Down

Well, the first weekend is almost over.  Jon and I are being very domestic - we just made a stir-fry and are now watching Top Gear.  This is actually the most quality time we've spent together since I got to London.  When I arrived at the airport, Jon warned me that he was coming down with something, and boy, was he ever.  He's been terribly flu-y all weekend.  Obviously I'm sad that he's been sick, but I'm also sad that he wasn't able to be out and about with me.  I have been keeping myself busy, though!

Saturday's Evensong was a blast - there were about 45 of us, and everyone was really friendly.  We sang the Finzi Mag, the Holst Nunc, and, of course, Tallis' Spem in Alium.  If you don't know, Spem is a 40-part motet, which means that there were one, sometimes two, voices on a part. I was one of the lucky sopranos who was doubled - lucky because I had never sung the piece, and had only seen the music for the first time at rehearsal on Friday night.  I'm actually very impressed with myself because I thought I'd lean much more heavily on the other soprano I was singing with, but I ended up holding my own very confidently.  We all went out after the service - it was great to be with old friends who were in town (one of those small world things) and to make new friends.  Anyway, it's a gorgeous piece - I'm going to embed it here to encourage you to listen to it!

Football fever was in full force today for the England/Germany game.  England lost pretty spectacularly, though, so I won't talk about it - I don't want to rub it in for anyone!  But now both England and the US are out of the running, so I wonder if people here and at home will be as enthusiastic about the World Cup as they were before today's match.

I've been prepping for tomorrow's job interview all evening.  They set me a task, so I have to make sure I'm prepared - wish me luck!

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