Monday, May 17, 2010

The Waiting Game

I sent my visa application to the consulate in New York this morning!  I could have my visa in two weeks - I'm optimistically hoping I'll get it by 28 May so that I can catch my flight on 1 June.  If that happens, I'll be in London on 2 June and will be able to finally start this next chapter of my life!  But for now I just have to wait.

(This is all assuming that I am granted the visa, of course.  I'm not letting myself do the "what ifs" of being denied.)

I am already prepping to leave:  I'm having some girlfriends over on Wednesday evening for dinner and a clothing swap/sale - I have way too much to pack, and this way I can give what I won't pack and what I don't fit into anymore to good causes ( = my friends)!  I've also planned a garden/goodbye party for the 30th.  It'll be a good way to get all of my DC friends together to have one last big hurrah before I go.  I am starting to get preemptively homesick, though...


  1. I want some of your clothes!! Any dresses for sale? I am sad that you are leaving so soon, but am also thrilled that this is all working out. Also, I'm starting to save up for a trip to London and Cambridge in January!

  2. I met a couple of ladies last night through the "American Professional Women in London" meet-up group (silly name). One of them currently works at The Natural History Museum but she and her friend worked at the V&A for years. You should check out the group when you arrive for some good networking.
    Where have you been searching for jobs so far? Working with a recruitment firm or all on your own?

  3. Christine - YAY. (If you come home I will let you raid my closet. But you have to come home.)

    Anne - That sounds like a great networking opportunity! I'll check it out when I get there for sure. I've mostly been looking for jobs on my own on the Guardian website, which is great. I have contacted a handful of recruiting firms, and they've all been sort of helpful - they're all willing to work with me but say I need to get to the UK before they can really be useful! I think I'm not applying to high enough positions to be worth sponsorship. Oh well... hopefully in a week or two I won't need sponsorship!


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